Position Held

Vice-Chancellor (designate) SMI University
Dr. Shaikh has been designated as the first vice chancellor of SMI University by the President of Pakistan. The Presidential Directive, duly endorsed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan stated: "Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Principal of Sindh Madressatul Islam (SMI) College since 1994 and an eminent scholar would be elevated to the position of Vice-chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam (SMI) University on account of his service rendered". He has been entrusted the task to lead SMI from a college to a university, specializing in four disciplines of nation building i.e. law, media, education and environment as well as having a think-tank to work on the issues confronting Pakistan today, under the decision of the federal cabinet dated 26th May 2010.

Principal/ Professor of SMI College
Dr. Shaikh has been working as the Principal/ Professor, Sindh Madressatul Islam (SMI) for several years. In that capacity, he also served as Member/Secretary of the Board of Governors headed by the federal minister for education. He has served in this position from 1994-2000, 2003-2006 and since 2009 to-date. Under his leadership, the historic institution having the distinction of being the alma-mater of the founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, regained its lost glory and emerged as one of the finest educational institution of the country. It was upgraded to college level and its elevation to university level is on its way. A teachers' training centeras well as a girls'high school were added, as were added three computer centers, an in-house museum, a libraryand an auditorium. Century old historic buildings of Indo-Gothic architectural traditions were restored and preserved. On account of his services for the cause of education, particularly his contributions towards Sindh Madressah, the Prime Minister of Pakistan conferred Gold Medal on him on behalf of the Ministry of Education, UNESCO, HEC, USAID and NCHD in 2006.

Fulbright Scholar/ Faculty-Fellow, American University, Washington, DC           
Dr. Shaikh served on the faculty of American University, Washington, DC, as a Fulbright Scholar during academic session 2009-10. He conducted research on citizens' right to information with special reference to the administrative model prevailing in the United States. He actively participated in sessions and presentations at the World Bank office in Washington DC on various projects relating to education, communication and governance issues in the developing nations.

Director-General, Coastal Development Authority, Sindh
Dr. Shaikh also served as head of the government agency for the development of the coastal region as well as the communities living in therein along the 320 km long coastline of Sindh province. In that capacity, he had to prepare a strategy tor the infrastructural as well as human development in the deltaic region of river Indus, characterized by a network of tidal creeks and small islands. Being the low-lying area, this was the region supposed to be affected the most by the rise in sea level due to climate change.His task also included the dissemination of information amongst the communities living there about their vulnerability to climate-change and the risks associated with the phenomenon. To make the task difficult was the fact that the communities living there had the lowest rate of literacy (10%) coupled with the highest rates of poverty (90%), making them unapproachable through conventional tools of information dissemination like use of media. Within the brief period available, visited the far-flung areas to get the first-hand information, developed a development strategy for the government and had devised a new set of communication tools including engaging the communities in informal settings. At the end of assignment, organized a conference on "Coastal Sindh: Challenges and Opportunities"at Karachi in March 2009. The event was widely reported in the national media.

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