Articles & papers

'Citizen's Right to Know' Daily Dawn Op-Ed Sept 28, 2010: Download
'International Right to Know' Day Daily Dawn Op-Ed Sept 29, 2009: Download
'The Radio in the Subcontinent' paper presented at 20th National History Conference held at Karachi Download
'Demise of the Newspaper' Daily Dawn Op-Ed January 5, 2009 Download
'Media's Role in the current crisis' Daily Dawn Op-Ed January 2, 2009 Download
'Fatima Jinnah and Media' paper published in the proceedings of National Conference on Fatima Jinnah at NIHCR Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Download
'State of Higher Education in Sindh' Daily Dawn Education Dec 28, 2008: Download
'Sindh Madressah: A Promise Fulfilled' Daily Dawn Magazine Sept 19, 2010: Download
'The Case for Sindh Madressatul Islam University' Daily Dawn Education May 24, 2009: Download
'The Great Divide' Daily Dawn Op-Ed November 25, 2008 Download
'Noise Pollution' Daily Dawn Op-Ed Nov 20, 2008: Download

'Karo-Kari Killings in Sindh' Daily Dawn Op-Ed November 6, 2008 Download
'Inter-Faith Dialogue' Daily Dawn Op-Ed November 16, 2008 Download
'The Taliban and the LTTE' Daily Dawn Op-Ed May 26, 2009 Download
 'PPP and the Policy of Privatization' Daily Dawn Op-Ed November 19, 2009 Download
 'Burning Bridges in Sindh-I' Daily Dawn Op-Ed October 28, 2008 Download
'Burning Bridges in Sindh-II' Daily Dawn Op-Ed November 12, 2008 Download
'The Tragedy of the subcontinent' Daily Dawn Op-Ed Dec 16, 2008Download
'Role of Sindh Madressah in Creation of Pakistan' paper published in proceedings of national conference on Role of Sindh in Creation of Pakistan held in 2007 Download
'Impact of Sindh Madressah on personality of Quaid-e-Azam' paper presented on National Conference of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah: His Life & Ideals' at Karachi in May 2010 Download  

(In addition to them several articles published in Urdu and Sindhi newspapers as well as English newspapers other than Dawn)